Genesis Restaurant, Industrial & Marine Fire Protection (G.R.I.M.) is a local, family owned fire protection contractor serving the entire San Francisco & Monterey Bay Areas.

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Restaurant Fire Protection

Open flames, red-hot cooking surfaces and a heavily grease laden environment combine to make a commercial kitchen a potentially dangerous fire hazard.

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Industrial Fire Protection

Specific industries and trades often require specialized fire equipment. Handheld portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property.

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Marine Fire Protection

Coast Guard regulations require that your boat have certain equipment aboard. In addition to life jackets, flares and other safety equipment, working fire extinguishers of the proper type are essential.

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Office, Retail & Residential

Light hazards, such as offices, most retail stores and residential properties are required to have at least a 5LB ABC fire extinguisher every 75 feet of travel distance.

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