Restaurant Fire Protection

Open flames, red-hot cooking surfaces and a heavily grease laden environment combine to make a commercial kitchen a potentially dangerous fire hazard. Kitchen fires spread quickly and have been proven to be very difficult to extinguish, making them the leading cause of structural fire damage in the United States.

Protecting you from these hazards is why G.R.I.M. Fire Protection offers an extensive array of products and services just for commercial kitchens. We are qualified and experienced in servicing all major brands of fire system including Ansul, Amerex, Badger, Buckeye, Kidde, Pyro Chem Kitchen Knight, & Range Guard.

We can provide the following:

  • New Installation of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
  • UL300 Upgrades
  • Semi-annual Service
  • Grease Exhaust Cleaning
  • K Class Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Lighting/Exit Sign Testing
  • Catering Truck Fire System Installation

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